Couples therapy – Copenhagen

During your couples therapy sessions with me, we make efforts to give your love the best conditions to blossom. If the love between you as a couple is thriving, it is because you have managed to establish a great flow of emotions, which ultimately creates a close bond between the two of you.

The better you are at expressing your desires and needs, and the more openness and generosity, you make room for in your relationship – the better the terms for your shared life together.

Oftentimes, problems occurring in relationships have been around for quite some time before partners decide to seek help. Recurring conflicts, frustration and resignation are well-known scenarios in everyday life for partners, who have been together for a while. Oftentimes, couples will try to resolve these conflicts on their own.

But therein lies the possible outcome of yet more arguments, which create a greater distance between the couple, less confidentiality, and a lack of intimacy. In couples therapy one of the focus points could be to regain emotional intimacy, improve your daily communication as well as your ability to state your needs and to respectfully say no. I can help you achieve these goals.

Couples therapy Strengthens communication

It is one of my foremost duties as a couple’s therapist to lessen misunderstandings, distance, and conflicts between you. I am attentive, thorough and have extended experience in transforming difficult talks into constructive conversations, all while sharing my observations with you.

In couples therapy, a common task is to work on your communicative skills so that you may learn how to conduct constructive conversation and learn to understand, what the other person is communicating as well as what you are (actually) communicating.

This may be one of the prerequisites for being able to accept disagreements and differences. During your sessions with me, you will receive competent feedback as well as tools, that you can implement in order to regain closeness and resolve conflicts, that you struggle with in your relationship.

If you have any questions or are in need of more clarity on the topics above, feel free to contact me on or give me a call on 22 61 66 69.

Are you in need of couples therapy?

Absolutely anyone can benefit from couples therapy. It is not a prerequisite, that you live like “cat and dog” to attend and gain something from couples therapy – quite the contrary. There is no shame in seeking couples therapy. On the contrary it’s a shame to do nothing in order to fix problems or solve challenges in your relationship, and thankfully it has become more and more common to attend couples therapy.

And of course, you stand to gain the most by starting in due time. In due time meaning while you still master open communication and are still able to recall the feelings, that brought you together in the first place.


Great reasons to attend couples therapy

  • You experience a relationship, where you have a hard time communicating in your day-to-day life and your conversations tend to be characterized by negativity. Perhaps you experience recurring conflicts, that are hostile and really take a toll on your relationship.
  • If the spark seems to be gone. You no longer openly communicate how you actually feel, and you avoid any potential conflict.
  • You experience a lack of trust, and you are fighting to survive instead of thriving in your relationship.
  • Perhaps one of you doubts whether or not you should continue to live together as a couple.
  • If you have decided to separate but have doubts as to how you will continue to work together for the betterment of both of you and your kids.
  • You work too much and struggle to find time for each other in your day-to-day life and the emotional intimacy needed to rekindle is missing.
  • Lack of sex drive or cheating
  • A long course of a disease – mentally or physically – which is draining for your relationship
  • Kids are a big part of your lives, and you have a hard time agreeing on how to parent
  • You want to gain an even better relationship, than you already have

If you are doubtful as to whether or not you should start couples therapy in my practice, or you have any questions about me or regarding the process, feel free to contact me on or give me a call on 22 61 66 69.

The course of couples therapy in my practice

If you decide to begin couples therapy in my practice, the first session will require both of you to attend. During the first session we will discuss, why you have chosen to start couples counselling, and what you hope to gain from the entirety of the course. The second session will typically be conducted separately. This can be very rewarding for the course of your couples therapy. Especially if you experience different challenges in your relationship. A one-on-one allows you to speak freely without worrying whether you might hurt your partners feelings. The rest of the sessions will be with the both of you.

How many sessions you will need depends entirely on your specific relationship. I will consider your specific challenges before giving my recommendation. More often than not, you will need eight sessions before noticing results. But it will always depend on the extent of your issues and how willing you are to invest yourself in the therapy sessions as well as the amount of effort you put in at home. From time to time a follow-up session can be a great aid a few months after you ended your couples counselling. During this session we will be able to discuss how you are feeling now – as partners as well as individuals – and I will be able to offer you some feedback on potential issues.

During the course of your couples therapy, you can experience an array of different outcomes and emotions. More often than not couples therapy leads to greater emotional intimacy and a great possibility of rekindling your love for one another. You will learn approaches to help you avoid and ultimately deal with old, hurtful patterns as well as issues you will face in the future.

There is also the possibility, that couples therapy will lead you to agree to go your separate ways. If children are involved, we will discuss how to maintain a respectful relationship with one another in order to also show consideration for your shared children. In that regard, couples therapy can be a great approach to reach a calm and respectful separation and secure a constructive relationship between the two of you for years to come.

The importance of couples therapy

As a therapist I dedicate myself to helping people make the right decisions based on the right foundation. Whether you decide to stay together or go your separate ways. When communicating as a couple, there might be patterns, that you aren’t aware of.

For instance, one of you might hurt the other without meaning to. One of you might do something, that the other person conceives as wrong, but it does not mean that your partner is a “wrong person” or has a “wrong personality”.

You are not wrong, and neither is your partner! But this negative communication pattern can be hard for couples to uncover on their own. I can help you achieve this.

A prerequisite for change is being aware of what you are already doing.

I offer couples therapy, because I find it saddening on all accounts, that nearly half of all partnerships dissolve eventually. Every person needs to feel seen and heard. When we aren’t able to talk about the stuff, that divides us as a couple, and simultaneously are unaware of how to express our desires and needs, it will hurt, and it will create distance. I take a systemic approach when working with reestablishing a much-needed connection to your feelings – as individuals as well as a couple.

The choice to join my couples therapy in Copenhagen could be pivotal to your relationship

When you join my couples therapy, you will gain insight, solutions, tools, and concrete answers, that directly relates to the issues present in your relationship.

Let me help you with:

  • Solutions as to how you deal with conflict
  • Tools to solve and strengthen your communication skills
  • Rekindle your interest in each other and reestablish your emotional intimacy